A Daily Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year

The Bible Challenge is a reading plan designed to help you read the Bible daily, with additional study resources if you want to go deeper. The Challenge is to read the entire Bible over the course of a year, and our community is here to support and encourage you as you go!

Daily Bible Readings

Each day this site will offer a daily reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb. Dedicate about 20 minutes each day to spend time in God’s Word. The Scripture lessons are taken from the English Standard Version (ESV).

Study Guides

These in-depth study guides will help you go deeper into the study of God’s Word. The downloadable PDFs are divided according to the books of the Bible, and many of them have accompanying audio lectures that you can listen to at your convenience.

Daily Devotionals

The daily devotional is a bite-sized piece of inspiration or insight based on the day’s readings. You can sign up to receive the devotionals by email, or you can subscribe to the notifications in our app in order to receive a daily reminder.

We welcome your feedback on the site, or we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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The Bible Challenge is a ministry of Bible Study Media. We offer a wide range of Bible study resources designed to ignite hearts and engage minds in the study of God’s Word. Our Ignite community is designed to provide not only study resources, but also a supportive and inspiring community to encourage you on your way.