Day 40

Exodus 29:1‐30:10; Matthew 26:14‐46; Psalm 31:19‐24; Proverbs 8:14‐26


It is difficult to imagine the level of betrayal Jesus experienced from Judas. In today’s reading from Matthew, a few short words tell us the gravity of his betrayal. Only Matthew tells us the price for betrayal – the infamous thirty pieces of silver. We are told that Judas sought out the chief priests and offered to sell Jesus. When they offer thirty pieces of silver, he accepts it without question, not even trying for a larger amount. Apparently, he was determined to do this deed and just thought he’d see if he could get a little cash out of it.

Even the sum of thirty pieces of silver is not really much money for such a betrayal. Since we don’t know exactly what coinage this is referring to, we don’t know the exact amount, but when Judas later returned it, the chief priests used it to purchase the potter’s field, for burying those who could not afford a place to be buried. This was, no doubt, a small and undesirable plot of land, not worth much.

Apart from this being one of the many agonies Jesus faced through His Passion, we also are reminded once again that we do not walk through any suffering, any betrayal, that is not already known to our Lord. We worship a Lord who has walked this road before us and for us! Let that be your strength in times of betrayal.

The Rev. Eric Turner
St. John’s
Melbourne, FL