Deeper In My Faith

Day 180

2 Kings 15:1-16:20; Acts 19:13-41; Psalm 147:1-20; Proverbs 18:4-5 

Deeper In My Faith 

As a child, I desired to go deeper in my faith. Faith was explained to me as having two components: believing in who God is, and trusting everything about Him. My youth pastor often used the illustration of a chair to demonstrate faith. He would say that we demonstrate faith in a chair by sitting in it, and we demonstrate faith in our Lord by believing and trusting in who God is. Do I believe a chair will hold me up? Yes. But do I trust it will hold me? Yes, and this trust is shown by me taking action… sitting in the chair. The same is true with my belief in God. I believe He is who He said He is, but do I trust Him in everything? I must be reminded daily of the character of our Lord and put that belief into action by trusting Him. Just as I trust a chair when I sit in it, so I must trust God with my life as I walk through the day.

When reading the first few verses of Psalm 147, we are given a wonderful glimpse of who God is: He is caring (v.2), He is comforting (v.3), He is all-knowing Creator (v.4), He is powerful (v.5), He is just (v.6), and He is provider and controls all things (v.8-9). Scripture teaches us the character of our Lord so that we may believe. As believers, we must begin to put our belief into action by trusting. We must trust that He is our comfort, our creator, and He is our powerful and just provider. Today, reflect on what Scripture teaches us about who God is, and pray that your actions each day will reflect the trust you have in Him.

Josh Caldwell
Lifeline Children’s Services
Birmingham, AL

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