God’s Time…

Day 49

Leviticus 6:1‐7:27; Mark 3:7‐30; Psalm 37:1‐11; Proverbs 10:3‐4

God’s Time…

In today’s Psalm, we find much of ourselves embedded in these words as we have only to look around us in any and every direction to find numerous examples of others who seem to “have it all,” while we as Christians, face what often feels like an ongoing and daunting struggle from one day to the next. Sensory overload takes over as we are constantly bombarded and overwhelmed by lifestyles and practices which gnaw at us, taunting us to abandon all care and hope for what our Lord has promised in favor of the instant gratification of what our secular world can and will provide (empty and lifeless as these may be).

In spite of it all, God speaks to us… Do not fret, do not be envious, refrain from anger and forsake wrath.” No doubt He understands and acknowledges that this is no easy task, but further urges us to accept that the struggle, though difficult, is necessary in order that we come to trust in Him, to take delight and to commit our ways in Him. Upon seeing our sacrifice and dedication, He will reach out beyond the boundaries which separate us to fill our hearts and our lives with His transforming grace.

It comes down to the realization that today we are called to reject the beguiling and alluring temptations of this secular life, so that in emptying ourselves of the distractions of this world, we make room for only what is pleasing to God.

The Rev. Din Bissoondial
St. Peter the Fisherman
New Smyrna Beach, FL

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