Honesty and Deceit

Day 166

1 Kings 14:1‐15:24; Acts 10:1‐23a; Psalm 133:1‐3; Proverbs 17:7‐8

Honesty and Deceit

Today’s readings shine a spotlight on the contrast between honesty and deceit, between duplicitous actions and trustworthy motives and actions. After reading the passage from 1 Kings, I was reminded of the following quote:

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” -Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17

The scriptural account begins with a woman in disguise and builds to include theft, immorality, jealousy and situations that could well be included in an “R” rated movie.

The passage from Proverbs is a reminder to avoid divisive speech and actions that bring about suffering, misunderstanding, and torment.

Psalm 133 speaks so eloquently of the benefits of right living. It is interesting to contemplate how the Psalm might have been worded in our twenty-first century culture.

1. Pay attention to this message. It is good for us to live together in harmony.

2. It is like the afternoon rain that clears away the pollen, heat, and humidity of a summer afternoon. It is like a tall glass of sweet tea, ready to be sipped on the veranda.

3. It is like the morning dew that refreshes gardens and grasses, for there the Lord has commanded the blessing of life forevermore.

How do we achieve this blissful state? We might strive to follow the example of Cornelius, the centurion, whose God-fearing obedience is recounted at the conclusion of the passage from Acts.

Randal Krum
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Lake Mary, FL

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