Day 70

Numbers 15:17-16:40; Mark 15:1-47; Psalm 54:1-7; Proverbs 11:5-6

Our Guarantee

Guarantees—we put our trust in a secured outcome. In uncertain times, we demand certainty. We want a real deal, a good value.

As Jesus approached and suffered the cross, we have no doubts to whom He turned and relied to give Him the strength to endure the shame, pain, and submission to death. As Christians, we know “the rest of the story.” And oh, what an outcome!

Our darkest of times tend to crystallize values we hold as important. Having recently experienced some “dark nights of the soul,” I can attest that as I wrestle with the flood of thoughts, emotions, and angst; as I search for answers, solutions, a workable strategy, a plan, I am left low, stripped of confidence, swagger, and self-assuredness so evident and visible in the light of day. I am reduced to “a worm and no man” (Isaiah 22:6).

Where can we turn… Where do we go? The only answer left to trust is that of Jesus Himself. He takes our failures, our wrongs, our doubts, our pain, our sins, and buries them forever… buries them “for good.” For OUR good.

Yes, in the dark of our nights, there is One who knows—knows the dark night of the soul. Our struggle yields to a new dawning, a new day, a new beginning.

We will all have dark times—guaranteed. Christ purchased for us the dawning day. He IS The Guarantee.

Good Friday… Good value… God value… Guaranteed!

Laurie Mealor
St. Peter’s Church
Lake Mary, FL