Day 78

Numbers 28:16‐29:40; Luke 3:23‐38; Psalm 62:1‐12; Proverbs 11:18‐19

Time for God

In today’s reading from Numbers, we are called to action by and for God. The phrase Do no regular work,” appears no less than seven times in these two chapters as a way to remind us of the time God requires of us in order to be in a full and right relationship with Him.

The commitment of abstaining from our regular duties, be it work, or leisure, or any pursuit which takes us away in solitude, is temporarily put aside to make way for placing God where He belongs—at the center of our lives and at the center of everything that we do here in the world.

The phrase preceding this directive, (also seven times), speaks of being a part of a sacred assembly. Today God is calling us to abstain from the norm of our lives, so that in assembly and in fellowship with one another, and through our obedience and love, we will receive the blessing of God’s presence in our midst, sanctifying us as we are made holy in His eyes.

When obedient to this call, we cannot help but be transformed, inviting God to remain with us in all aspects of our lives. It is comforting to realize that in spite of our shortcomings, God wants to be with us throughout our journey of faith, not merely for an hour on Sunday, or in classes of religious study, but in the spaces which make up our life’s moments every day.

This is such a moment.

The Rev. Din Bissoondial, Deacon
St. Peter the Fisherman
New Smyrna Beach, FL