What A Dream!

Day 215

2 Chronicles 33:14-34:33; Romans 16:8-27; Psalm 26:1-12; Proverbs 20:1

What A Dream!

When I began to read these passages I became so incredibly moved by the words of Romans 16:

…and the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

After reading this long chain of greetings and final goodbyes in the chapter, you hit this small little nugget like stumbling upon a rare diamond in downtown New York City! What a declaration to the church then and to us now… to think of a moment, a season, a day when Satan is crushed under our feet. What a dream that would be or fairy tale it almost seems that would come to life.

Imagine when reality hits that mark that Satan is obliterated entirely!

Imagine when there is no one playing mind games with you and whispering in your head words that are against you and not for you… whispering in your head that His Word is really nothing more than fairy tales and exciting literature… whispering in your head, “Did God really say…?”

Imagine when there is no one plotting to persuade and push people to murder, hate, rape, injustice, oppression, isolation, or brutality. Imagine when nations are no longer being pushed and manipulated to stir up war.

Imagine when all of us no longer have someone constantly motivating us to believe that materialism, or narcissism, will finally give us the happiness and peace we long for daily. Imagine the moment, the split second when you would lay your head down on the pillow knowing that the presence of evil and all that comes with it, all of the implications of it… are no more!

The day when the God of Peace, and all that comes with Him, are fully established on Earth as it is in Heaven. Sometimes it is so good to remember what we’re really fighting for every day, fighting to see the day when our great King, who is full of love and mercy, compassionate and holy, who cares for His people like He cares for Himself, to see the day when all of creation is freed to experience that in it’s entirety. What a day that will be!

Chad Turner
Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church
Greenville, SC

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