Distraction Comes Easy, Dedication Takes Work

Day 324 

Ezekiel 40:28-41:26; James 4:1-17; Psalm 118:19-29; Proverbs 28:3-5

Distraction Comes Easy, Dedication Takes Work

Do you ever find yourself quick to fall off the “Christian wagon”? Sometimes I will be on my commute to work and will be praying along the way for God to use me in His mighty way that day, and, before I can finish my prayer, I use that same breath to shout things at the driver that cut me off or is driving too slow. Also, I work hard to guard my eyes and mind from adultery, and, before I can catch myself, I see an attractive woman, and my mind is racing a million miles and hour thinking about the things that I should not be thinking about.

What is wrong with me? Have I not been given the greatest love and grace the world will ever know through the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ? Why do I do these things, especially so soon after seeking to love and honor the Lord?

We are all prone to worldliness. It is only in struggle and daily devotion and dedication that we change and grow to be more like Christ. Our aim should be to recognize our sinfulness, to repent, and to move forward with the grace freely offered from God. Distraction comes easily; strive to work hard on your daily dedication to godliness.

Jordan Stevenson
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
Marietta, GA

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