Even More Undignified

Day 144

2 Samuel 4:1‐6:23; John 13:31‐14:14; Psalm 119:17‐32; Proverbs 15:32

Even More Undignified

What a beautiful picture of worship we see in 2 Samuel today. The Ark of the Covenant, the presence of the Lord, comes into the city, and King David is enthusiastically engaged in worship. The Israelites have just defeated the Philistine army, and there is plenty of reason to worship the Lord in all His glory and grandeur. David is said to have been dancing in the streets and so consumed by his worship that he actually loses his clothing in the process. Talk about not focusing on what others think about your worship style!!!

I’m not suggesting we worship the Lord in church naked each Sunday, but I do wonder what we can glean from David’s passionate display of worship. First, we could learn a lesson from David in not caring about what others think and only concern ourselves with what the Lord thinks of our worship.

Secondly, I believe David made very clear to his critic, Michal, that what he was doing was for the Lord and not anyone else’s glory. You might be looked at a little differently when the Lord starts moving in your life… That’s okay. Use those moments to present the truth of the gospel to those who stare. David did it by telling Michal, “I will make myself even more undignified than this…” if it means that God gets the glory.

Would you be so bold today and get a little undignified for the sake of God’s Glory?

The Rev. Wes Sharp
Holy Cross Episcopal Church
Trussville, AL

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