Finding Faith on the Run

Day 138

1 Samuel 22:1‐23:29; John 10:1‐21; Psalm 115:1‐18; Proverbs 15:18‐19

Finding Faith on the Run

Who can forget the mid-60s TV series “The Fugitive,” with David Janssen on the run? In our Biblical narrative, David is also a fugitive running from King Saul who had put a contract out on his life. He spent a large amount of time hiding in a network of caves around the Dead Sea. It would be in solitude that David learned much about prayer, about his own faith, and about the Lord who called him into service, anointed at the hand of Samuel.

While on the run, David would learn lessons that he would later record in the Psalms. He would learn that the Lord was his help and his shield. He would learn to trust in the Lord. He would learn that in spite of his natural inclination to kill King Saul when he had a chance, it was not his bidding to be the one who would eliminate his adversary.

David would learn to wait on the Lord instead of making things happen on his timetable. It would be in the caves that he would befriend Ahimilech, Abiathar, and Jonathan, who at times would challenge and comfort him. These friendships would at another time cost people their lives!

Eventually, Saul is killed in an unrelated battle and David returns to Judah to claim his position as king. Yet he would never forget the time in refuge, the time in hiding, and the lessons learned while solely depending on God alone.

Rev. Scott T. Holcombe
St. David’s by the Sea Episcopal Church
Cocoa Beach, FL

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