Day 221

Ezra 8:21-9:15; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13; Psalm 31:1- 8; Proverbs 21:1-2

Our Response During Difficult Times

Psalm 31, written by David, is an accurate picture of what we go through often in our lives as believers. Some theologians believe that Psalm 31 was written during the time when Saul was trying to capture and kill David (1 Samuel 23). David was definitely walking through a time of difficulty. His time in Psalm 31 may have been more severe than the difficulty that we walk through, but we all walk through difficult times. When we face these times, how do we respond? Let us pause and think how we deal with situations of despair or difficulty. Do we immediately turn to the Lord asking for His help to be our refuge, and praise Him as our fortress as we see in David’s writing? I often have a difficult time turning my mind and heart quickly to God during times of despair. Though I will eventually come back to praising God and asking Him to protect me, I seem to be slow to remember who God is and what He has done. Do you ever feel this way?

In David’s writings during the first 8 verses of Psalm 31, he calls on the Lord with confidence that He is the refuge and strength that is needed during the difficulty. As you continue to read and come to the end of Psalm 31, David’s confidence builds into praiseworthy bold faith.

Take a few minutes and pray that in times of despair and difficulty, you would respond with that same confidence, praise, and bold faith in our great God.

Josh Caldwell
Lifeline Children’s Services
Birmingham, AL