Day 158

1 Kings 3:4‐4:34; Acts 6:1-15; Psalm 126:1-6; Proverbs 16:26-27

Shaped to Be Used for the Kingdom

St. Augustine, FL held a grand celebration of the 450th Anniversary of America’s First City in 2015. Ponce de Leon’s arrival in La Florida was part of the Age of Exploration: a time associated with names like Magellan, Vespucci, and, most notably, Columbus.

Columbus’ four expeditions were made possible in large measure because of Portuguese innovations in ship design. The Portuguese caravels were smaller, easier to sail, and designed for exploration of coastlines and rivers and figured prominently in the Age of Exploration.

Just as the caravels were designed in a unique way for exploration, I believe the Lord has designed or shaped each and every believer in a unique way for Kingdom service in the church, home, and marketplace. The twelve apostles in today’s reading from Acts had been chosen and shaped for preaching the word of God and proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ.

Likewise, the seven selected in today’s reading from Acts were chosen and shaped to serve widows and the needy. True, we are all expected to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ by word and deed, but our design and SHAPE – spiritual gifts, heart and passion, abilities, personality, and experiences – provide clues as to how we can be most effective in Kingdom service.

Are you a caravel, a man of war, or a merchant ship? Each are valuable and important in any navy, just as you are valuable and important in the body of Christ. Understand your shape and you begin to better understand your service in the Kingdom.

Anthony P. Clark
Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Orlando, FL