Day 160

1 Kings 5:1‐6:38; Acts 7:1‐29; Psalm 127:1‐5; Proverbs 16:28‐30

Solomon and Stephen: Built for Glory

Oh, to live in the house that Solomon built. Oh, to speak the words that Stephen spoke!

This day we are in the middle of things. The middle of Solomon’s construction of his house and other glorious structures built with impossibly beautiful materials. And we are in the middle of Stephen’s speech to the high priest, to his “brothers and fathers.” And the bit from Proverbs is what, at 40 years old – the middle of my life, I want to find in my next fortune cookie, “Gray hair is a crown of glory. It is gained with a righteous life.”

What are you in the middle of right now? Is it something wonderful and astounding like Solomon’s construction, or something scary like Stephen’s situation, where you feel you have to perhaps both defend yourself and inspire goodness in others who do not know God, do not know the wonderful and astounding love of Jesus?

The interesting parallel between Solomon (who is very concerned with the things of the world that glorify God, the tangible visible things) and Stephen (who is the one who is very concerned with things spiritual that glorify God), they are both in the middle of things because of God. God called Solomon to build, and God called Stephen to witness. God also well-equipped both Solomon and Stephen with all that they might need to start, continue, and end the life that God called them to live. Where is God calling you? Are you in the middle of it, just starting it, or wrapping up the life that God has called you to live?

Whatever you might find yourself in the middle of, know that your reading of Scripture gives you the tools that you need to do it well. Stephen has the words to tell the story of our salvation history to people who needed to be reminded of the greatness of God. You are now gathering the words you need to witness to the marvelous power and presence of God. Build everything to God’s glory, and be ready to witness to the power of Christ in your life through the life that you live.

The Rev. Alison Harrity
St. Richard’s
Orlando, FL