The Truth Sets Us Free

Day 136

1 Samuel 18:5‐19:24; John 8:31‐59; Psalm 112:1‐10; Proverbs 15:12‐14

The Truth Sets Us Free

In this section of John’s Gospel, Jesus is continuing to teach about what it means to be a true child of God. He makes a distinction about truth and lies versus freedom and slavery. Many of the people don’t quite understand that He is not speaking about physical freedom but spiritual liberty. As fallen humans, we can and do allow our indulgent natures to capture and dominate our lives. We deceive ourselves by seeking after the things of this world and not those of Our Father.

But, Jesus is the Truth that sets us free, free from the sin that enslaves and controls our lives. Those sins—you know what they are: cheating, overindulgence, greed, immorality—all pull us away from an intimacy and joy with Jesus.

When we allow God in to our lives and give Him full access to every part of our being, we are then freed up to become all that He has intended for us.

Love, come into our lives today. Come, Holy Spirit, come.  

Phyllis Bartle
St. Judes Episcopal Church
Orange City, FL

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