Due Diligence in the Everyday Task

Day 135

1 Samuel 17:1‐18:4; John 8:21‐30; Psalm 111:1‐10; Proverb 15:11

Due Diligence in the Everyday Task

If you are like me, you have heard the story of David and Goliath for years. It is a classic story of overcoming fears and standing courageously for what the Lord calls us to no matter the situation. What we often do not realize is what took place prior to David standing at the front lines of the battle.

David was not in the battle with his brothers, he was actually continuing to serve his earthly father by tending to his sheep. His everyday job was to make sure the sheep were safe, well fed, and staying within the flock. It was likely that this job was filled with the excitement of fighting off lions, tigers, and bears (Oh, my!). David wasn’t expected to do something great…yet! He was just supposed to do what he had always done. However, in this mundane life, David was called to do something great. God honored his routine of tending the sheep and worshiping the Lord in the fields and chose David to do something miraculous; he would save His sheep… the Israelite army.

What you find in David’s life leading up to his kingship is diligence and obedience in the small things. He honored God in all circumstances and situations. You may be in the mundane today wondering what God has in store for you at the same job you’ve had for years or same circumstances you’ve lived with forever. Know this: God honors our diligence and our commitments when we honor Him no matter what the circumstances. Today, look for the opportunities God is presenting to you to further His kingdom and do what He has called you to do right now. Who knows, your giant might be right around the corner, and today’s circumstances prepare you for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Prayer: Lord, help me recognize today what you are trying to teach me and make me aware of areas you are working on in my own life. 

The Rev. Wes Sharp
Holy Cross Episcopal Church
Trussville, AL

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