Unlikely Choices

Day 164

1 Kings 11:1‐12:19; Acts 9:1‐25; Psalm 131:1‐3; Proverbs 17:4‐5

Unlikely Choices

Solomon—upright, faithful, wise beyond measure—strays from the Lord at the end of his life, neglects the commands and admonitions of the Lord, intermarries with a multitude of foreign women, and the consequences of his departure from the Lord include two wayward sons and the united monarchy torn from his descendants.

Paul begins zealous for the law, a Pharisee of Pharisees, devoted to the traditions of the elders, and zealous to bring the followers of the Way back to Jerusalem for trial, and yet in his advancing years comes to know the true and living God in Jesus Christ and devotes his life singularly and solely to spreading the Good News.

Two men of faithful beginnings, yet each takes a dramatic turn—one to turn his back on his faith and one to turn to greater faith. I believe the difference lies in what each man learned about himself as he aged. Solomon believed in the accolades and lofty awards that were bestowed upon him. Solomon kept his eyes on the world. Paul discovered his need for a savior! He is constantly reminded of his thorn in the flesh, his struggle of doing the very thing he detests, and his desire to be with Christ… Paul kept his eyes on glory!

Rev. Scott T. Holcombe
St. David’s by the Sea Episcopal Church
Cocoa Beach, FL

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