The Lord Has Spoken!

Day 103

Joshua 7:16‐9:2; Luke 16:1‐18; Psalm 82:1‐8; Proverbs 13:2‐3

The Lord Has Spoken!

Psalm 82 has the full drama of the cinema. God takes His seat among the gods of the world, and He prosecutes them for their conspiracy against the ordinary people—and the gallery erupts in cheers, encouraging God on in His victory. I write this from the New Wineskins Missions Conference where 1,000 Anglicans from around the world are gathering to hear and engage with God in His purposes for the world. Woven throughout is this theme that the Lord has spoken. God is fighting for the hurting and broken, the lonely and the trapped, the children from broken homes, and the seniors with the scars of life, in America, Africa, Asia, and to the ends of the earth.

God through the psalmist draws our attention to the “weak and the fatherless…the afflicted and the destitute.” Our joy today is the privilege of being in the gallery, of hearing God’s voice, and joining with the angels and saints above, who are all cheering on, “Arise, O God, judge the earth!” There is an enthusiasm here, and a deep reverent wonder, as we hear about the power of the Gospel among the broken in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, the lost in Dwarka, India, and the disadvantaged Miao of China. We are hearing of church planting in Nigeria, and miracles in Yemen, and hope in Japan. Let the gallery stand up and say, “Arise, O God! Arise!” Where is there a need in your community? How is God using you there? Sing, “Arise, O God!”

The Rev. Loren Fox
Church of Our Savior
Palm Bay, FL

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